Yoga Stone

Teacher Requirements

The mission of Yoga Stone is to provide everyone with the benefits of a Yoga practice.

This requires giving from both Yoga Stone and our wonderful teachers.

Yoga Stone Teacher Requirements

  • Willing to work toward the mission of Yoga Stone, while providing safe and professional instruction to our students. 
  • Reliable and consistent Instruction Schedule
  • Passion for the Benefits of Yoga
  • Training
    • Required that Teachers have undergone training in their field of instruction. 
    • Preferred that Yoga Teachers have completed at least a YTT 200 Hour and are registered with Yoga Alliance
  • All Teachers are Independent Contractors
  • Required Insurance
    • Instructors must carry liability insurance, listing Yoga Stone, LLC as an additional insured, with a minimum limit of $500,000 general aggregate. 
    • The instructor shall additionally carry appropriate worker’s compensation insurance or waiver of insurance, as well as proper health insurance while conducting service on Yoga Stone’s property.
  • Compensation & Benefits
    • Teachers are all paid a base rate for class based on experience, as well as a per student commission.
    • Benefits include an unlimited Yoga pass during the duration of instruction, as well as some free passes to Yoga Stone for friends and family. 
    • The invaluable joy of being a part of our growing Yoga Community, sharing the passion and benefits of a mindful practice. 

If you are interested in joining the mission of Yoga Stone or have any questions regarding the Teacher Requirements, please contact Jen Avery at

If you are interested in attending a Yoga Teacher Training, check out the Yoga Stone Scholarship Opportunities.