Yoga Class Etiquette and Preparation

Etiquette is Respect. Respect your Fellow Yogis. Being a Good Community Member is being a Good Yogi.

You may purchase a pass and complete a waiver online before class to save time. 

  • ​Allow enough time to arrive, sign in, set up and relax before class.
  • Remove your shoes at entry and please do not step on the wood floors with shoes. 
  • Silence Phones and leave them stored out of sight.
  • Respect other students and the space by practicing good hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Do not come to class if you are sick. Please get rest and stay home. Thank you.  
  • We are a small and intimate space:::
    • Be kind and adjust your mat to make space for others.
    • Please be mindful and walk, talk and move quietly and with intention. 
  • Please do not step on or over someone's yoga mat. 
  • Please return borrowed props to their storage neat and orderly.
  • Please clean studio mats that you borrow.
  • Breathe. Slow down. Keep your breath steady. Your energy affects the community.  
  • Observe silence and stillness during the final resting pose. Fidgeting is a distraction to both yourself and your neighbors. 
  • Do not rush out of class at the end. Continue to move mindfully. Your energy is felt in the room. 
  • Inquire with the instructor before or after class if you have any questions, need guidance or assistance with modifications for any injuries.
  • Practice yoga on an empty stomach. We forward fold and continually draw the belly in, it is best not to eat directly before class. 
  • If you are late, please enter quietly and mindfully.
  • Keep your heart open. 


  • Light, form fitting clothing is best so that it stays in place as we move and allows the instructor to see your alignment, but loose or stretchy enough to not restrict movement.  Please wear enough to cover the essentials.
  • For men, board shorts and sweat pants are a good choice, but baggy t-shirts will fall over your head in downward dog, so snugger fits are a better option. 

See you on the mat!