Summer Solstice Celebration

108 Sun Salutations


Tuesday, June 20, 2017 | 9am


Free Event with a suggested donation to the Big Sky Community Organization.

A yoga tradition is to do 108 sun salutations (Surya Namaskar A) to pay respects and surrender to the cycles of the universe, as we mark the peak of the summer and sun at the Summer Solstice.

As well as being an incredible mental and physical detox, celebrating this change together is a memorable experience that will leave your yoga practice changed. These salutations will enable you to appreciate your inner fire (agni), elevate your mental and physical capacity, and expand your own self expectations.

As we move strongly and fluidly together, we will build and believe in our inner brilliance, while creating a favorable condition for meditation. Please bring a yoga mat, water and hand towel. Some mats will be available for use. Be ready to move, sweat, surrender and leave with a glow!

Why 108 Sun Salutations?

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