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Yoga Stone is a community centered studio, working to provide everyone access to the benefits of yoga. With an emphasis on community and unity, Yoga Stone offers local discounts, fundraising efforts and free events. Yoga Stone welcomes all levels, empowering people to have a safe and expressive yoga practice.

We are a small and intimate space, featuring a mural of Lone Peak by local artist and yogi, Heather Rapp.

Mats are available for use, as well as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets to provide modification tools to assist each unique body to be comfortable in their practice. 

Stones are strong and grounded, still and quiet – and while they may be rugged and imperfect, their edges are smoothed over time with the right elements.



​CLOSING SEPT 18, 2017

Yoga Classes for All Levels

​Offering Daily Classes & Local Discounts​